Dolphins – Shipping ERP

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  • Import electronic manifests
  • Flexible tariff structure, per carrier.
  • Comprehensive reports
  • Register import & export


  • FCL, LCL, FCX en Bulk
  • Cargo tracking
  • Invoicing of all your services
  • Asycuda compatible


  • More focused on the best results and the best service for your customers.
  • Faster administrative handling of cargo

That is our aim.

All transhipment administration in one application. Customer Management and freight!

Shipping Enterprise Resource & Planning

Dolphins is a software package to administer cargo throughput at the port from “boat to customer to boat.” Once the cargo moves from ship to shore Dolphins records the movements. The system automatically calculates things like Demurage and Detention based on free days per carrier.

Dolphins is able to create manifests in a Automated SYstem for CUstoms DAta (Asycuda) export format for electronic customs clearance. In addition, various sizes of electronic manifests can be imported and UNI/EDIFACT terminal movement data can be processed.

Main modules in the software

  • Import registration
    • Voyages (Vessel details)
    • Bills of Lading (Cargo details)
    • Consignee, notifier and shipper registration
    • Manifest imports  (XML/MS Excel/ZIM)
    • Export data (Asycuda/MS Excel)
    • Extensive reporting
  • Export registration
    • Voyages (Vessel details)
    • Bills of Lading (Cargo details)
    • Consignee, notifier and shipper registration
    • Manifest imports (XML/MS Excel)
    • Export data (Asycuda/MS Excel)
    • Extensive reporting


  • Cargo control
    • LCL & Bulk cargo movements
    • FCL / FCX movements
    • Vehicles
    • Workorders (stripping, stuffing, etc)
    • Delivery notes
    • Import UNI/EDIFACT terminal container movements
  • Invoicing
    • Creat invoices based on cargo movement
    • Supplemental invoices (extensions, etc)


Dolphins user interface is English    

Transshipment administration automated

Dolphins specializes in handling administration at the port for import and export shipments. The software calculates the Bills of Lading costs based on pre-defined rules including detention, demurage, type of cargo and possible days off. It is able to administer renewals/extensions and record freight movements. Dolphins is able to automatically read EDIFACT terminal data.

Define costsDefine costs

Your specific calculations for each cost

You can define each cost (handling rule) with a comprehensive cost calculator. Dolphins gives you the ability to calculate costs based on load status (PCF, VPF, etc), freight dates (Arrival-, invoice date) and weight or volume (if applicable).
When drawing up the bill the actual data will be used to calculate the amounts. Deviating calculations on renewal/extension are possible. The calculations can be entered per carrier and thus differ.


Cargo tracking

Keep track of your cargo. Status of loads can be changed manually or by data import from the terminal.
Use different filters to find freight quickly. Based on Voyage, Bill of Lading number. Cargo type FCL, LCL or vehicles.

Register cargo movementsRegister cargo movements

Detailed registration of Bills of Lading

Register shipper, consignee and notifier (Figure 1). Describe the load and the type of cargo (Figure 2). Capture the cost of freight and determine whether they are prepaid or collect (Figure 3). Determine per B/L the number of days free of charge if you want to deviate from the standard days which are preset by carrier. Keep track of transshipment’s and in-transit shipments using Dolphins.

Bill of Lading - Consignee informationBill of Lading – Consignee information

Bill of Lading - Cargo descriptionBill of Lading – Cargo description

Bill of Lading - CostsBill of Lading – Costs

Comprehensive reporting

Dolphins has extensive reports. Both import and export data is clearly available. Various hardcopy manifests are available.
Smart Coding can add additional reports in addition to the standard reports.

Report - ManifestReport – Manifest

Report - Import dataReport – Import data

Report - Container overviewReport – Container overview